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Whitestone Dome Glass for Samsung Note 9 (Screen Protector) (OFFICIAL STORE) skuSKU: ZKS6669
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Samsung Note 9

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Tempered Glass


Samsung Note 9

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Item came as described.
Electronhub P. - September 11, 2018
Truly one of the best screen protector I have used so far. No loss of clarity, easy to clean and less fingerprint smudges. Applying it was a challenge and had to reapply. Need to follow the video carefully or check for others as there are quite a few videos showing how to put on this screen protector.
Lazada Customer - September 28, 2018
The gule didnt reach to the top of the glass. When it dried, there were patches of gule unreached. Looks ugly. When pull the tempered glass out, there were gule staines in the glass and it cannot be wiped. The tempered glass cannot be used anymore. Not only that, when I first received the pdt, the lower case plastic had broken off. But the case is still usable to hold the phone. However, i didnt realised the gule would flow out after that.
Eileen S. - September 14, 2018
The best screen protector that i have used especially for a curved screen where most screen protector just suck and hinders sensivity or just reduces your screen size with black sides to cover the adhesive.
Lazada Customer - September 9, 2018
Nice screen protector that covers the curve edges as well. The SP is also case friendly, fitted it with a sipgen neo hybrid case and a tech 21 case without any problems. Just need to follow the steps for the application, videos are available on youtube.
Matthew N. - August 30, 2018

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