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Really good looking case! Delivery was fast.
Marvin R. - October 2, 2018
There was a tiny dent prior to removing the protection film. Thought it was only on the film but actually on the cover itself. Although it was tiny but visible and the mind always on it feeling bad. Otherwise ok.
Lay Y. - October 3, 2018
Waiting time is very short, received it without any hassle. Product is as per description, very good and well packaging. Loving the case and will definitely recommend user to Purchase it.
Darren Y. - October 15, 2018
Bought this primarily for drop protection -- haven't really tested reliability. Does appear to be fairly thick and aesthetically clunky. That said there are "air cushion" technology "pockets" at each of the 4 corners, clearly visible. Seems to add girth to the thickness of the phone but the raised camera of the XS-max is entirely surrounded by the casing - sunken even, giving the impression that the back is even more covered by plastic. The front of the phone is also enveloped by the casing and there is a raised lip all around the phone suggesting that direct contact on-impact on the front glass is unlikely. Aesthetically ... not unappealing. I have a space grey version and the sides of the covered phone looks like the mercury of an old thermometer . The back of the phone is a little more subtle and the Apple logo flashes clearly only when there it reflects light. Otherwise theres an almost phantom effect. The back smudges very easily. For what I bought it for ...physical protection, I think its pretty subtle and well thought of. no sharp pointy edges. speaker holes are uncovered fully and sound didn't seem compromised. I really like the subtle elements for protection ... all across the edge of the where it fits your grip, its smooth. But at the 4 corners along the back there are raised edges ... not much, about 1.25cm long but bent into a curved "L" along the back side of the coverage ... to further minimise impact. My Main problem: Its not Spigen's fault but it changes the heft of the phone. I have fairly large hands but still find it cumbersome compared to a naked iPhone6Plus. The added weight of stainless steel probably plays a role. IN my hands it looks like a über small tablet ... will take some getting used to. another beef is that in the box ... no instructions on how to peel off the protective plastic covering. Left to clawing at the insides and some fear of scratching the product. ALL IN: Given that Apple improved the glass strength and seeing so many drop tests YouTubes where the XS/XS-Max survives ear level drops -- this case may be overkill. My next "case" will likely be a full body decal to prevent scratching. But if you want that full guarantee, die die won't break ... I think this case is well designed enough to negate the need for the super kia-soo otterbox style cases. I mean it won't survive a car running over it ... but for drops from even greater heights than 6 feet -- this should do fine. Delivery time was amazing: Next Day.
Van T. - October 10, 2018
Case is as described. It's pink/rose gold tinted throughout. Build quality is pure Spigen standard - TPU case with a hard back.
Chia K. - September 21, 2018

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