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The OnePlus flagship is taking the world by storm
One phone. With just one feature phone released, OnePlus has made quite a noise within the mobile device industry. Often compared to other successful and tenured smartphones out there, the OnePlus has demonstrated its strengths through its exclusivity, features, and multiple uses. With just one phone brand under its resume, the global smartphone company set its eyes on becoming the leader of telecommunications and electronics in the whole world. For some, they believe that it’s only a matter of time before the company does. Korean culture has greatly influenced us in many ways, from KPop music, to fashion, health and beauty, we even developed a taste for Korean cuisine. Koreans are known for their colorful and fun fashion, savory dishes, catchy tunes, and their glowing porcelain skin. From the moment we found out what beauty products our favorite Korean celebrities were using, we’ve been dying to get our hand on it.

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The OnePlus phone affordable for the high class OnePlus has always had a specific target audience, often marketing their product toward the higher class, and social people. The OnePlus One is quite affordable by this standard, with specs often likened to other established phones. It is sleek, stylish, useful, and appealing to the eye. If you are planning to show off your brand new smartphone to your friends, but wouldn’t want to spend as much. And with the upcoming release of its predecessor, you can be sure that OnePlus will deliver fully and with force on their phones.
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