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Microsoft has been a key player in the technology boost, worldwide. It has created the Windows operating system which most of the computer systems use, globally. Other than the software, the company has a wide range of products which are a great example of innovation and creativity. Surface Pro 4 laptop available online are high-quality products with the best form of technology at their back end. There are laptops and tablets which have taken the market by a storm, due to the high performance and functionality which caters to all the requirements of people of different age groups. One can experience fast processing and many other features with their Surface Pro 4 tablet. These tablets are easy to handle, thanks to their lightweight body which is compact in size and can be carried around with ease. The tablet comes with a comfortable screen size of 12.8 inches, which is neither too small nor too large but keeps up to the needs of people. It is easy to navigate with a stylus and has a stand on the back panel to keep it sturdy in a direction which makes using it much simpler. The tablet comes with Windows 10 pre-installed so that the user can directly put it to use.

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With an extremely user-friendly interface, this tablet has a lot to offer, irrespective of its size. It is a perfect product for the working population which has to travel a lot. Those people who have the strict need of working on the move must go for this product due to its designing and the excellent specifications on offer. There are varied specifications offered by this product, which give the customers an option to choose from, as per their preference. There are 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB RAM along with varying storage options, beginning from 128 GB to 512 GB. Thus, the user can select a tablet as per his or her usage requirements and the budget that they have decided. The screen comes with a smooth touch, accompanied with a resolution of 2736 pixels by 1824 pixels at a PPI of 267 pixels per inch to give you brilliant display quality. There are front and rear cameras with 5-megapixel and 8-megapixel power to give you good quality photography. Weighing at less than a kilogram, this tablet is a great go-to option for those who like to get powerful performance with compact sizing. The Surface Pro 4 Singapore has established a strong customer base due to its superiority in its segment.
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