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The personal computer is now considered as a required electronic device needed for the home. Almost all homes in Singapore have at least one computer, whether it is a laptop, or a full family PC. With the rise of the PCs on the market also comes the rise of expertise on such devices. Unlike before, the PCs today aren’t intimidating devices that sits around corner of the home. These are now the user-friendly devices that come with the proper features that any member of the family can operate. To push further the familiarity of the people with these computers, some enthusiastic customers now go for their own do-it-yourself PCs that fit along with their own usage.

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The Do-it-Yourself or DIY desktop PC is a subcategory and a form of selling that manufacturers offer to their select target audiences. This option allows the buyer to choose the specific PC components and hardware available, and build-up their PC from scratch. These also include choosing the monitor, mouse, and keyboard to go along with the desktop CPU. Mixing and matching these several important peripherals can go anywhere as long as the buyer can make it function on his own preference, and afford the added features on the final product. This type of computer can range from a balanced PC with basic components, a customized desktop leaning on certain features, or even go premium with a high capacity all-purpose PC. All of these things can be done, as long as the buyer knows what type of device he wants for his home.
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