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Computing versatility: All-in-One Desktop for Home or Office
For most of its lifespan, desktop computers have been made using different components. Elementary students are often taught which is the monitor, the keyboard, the CPU, and the mouse. Some even thrive on customizing their PCs for their personal use. Well, these might all change with the introduction of the All-in-one desktop PC. As its namesake, The all-in-one combines all the separate components of the PC into one minimalist, bulky, yet somewhat portable form factor. Most brands vary in its design, but the feature is somewhat common; a giant bulky monitor with CPUs integrated on them, with a separate wireless mouse and keyboard connected to it.

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The purpose of this desktop design is simple – to give users much space. The minimalist design of this PC also meant that the space needed for its supposed components would be free. Most offices use this kind of computer so that office space is less cluttered and can maximize work with such a minimal PC. Of course this newer PC isn’t simply designed for professionals. With the advancement of technology, and the growth of people depending into it, these computers are now becoming a necessity also inside the home. This is why most people are delving into this particular PC, and finding the desktop they need. This is a good thing since the all-in-one desktop is also divided into functions, features, sizes, colors, shapes, and designs, similar to other computers, that both newbies and aficionados would enjoy having.
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